UX, UI, I <3 U

Within the FreshPlate Team, there is no “me” in team, as the saying goes, but there is Preetha Ramakrishnan, our user interaction/experience specialist. Without Preetha, FreshPlate would not be here. A software engineer for the telecom industry for 10 years before turning to web design, Preetha managed the build of FreshPlate and contributed the code […]

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Service Focused Design

Freshplate is service-focused design–as we’ve said before, our roots are in wanting to help the food service scene here in San Diego. But long before our framework became a reality, one of our team had already dedicated himself to the concept of exceptional quality service in all aspects of a web development package. Gregor Hinckley, […]

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New: Tabs and Accordions

This summer, we’re bringing you the first update to the FreshPlate framework–Tabs and accordion info boxes. Tabs are great for toggling between areas of content, while accordions work particularly well for toggling between hiding and showing large amounts of content. To create tabs there are a couple of things you’ll need to do. In your HTML, […]

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To Plug-in or Not to Plug-in

Team FP wants to keep FreshPlate light on it’s feet, but we also want it to have the features that our users expect. Our solution is to provide you with plug-ins, as in the case of our Instagram code snippets, that you can get straight off our website without downloading that extra bulk when you […]

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Where it came from

Our inspiration for FreshPlate comes from the thriving restaurant scene right here in San Diego. We thought, wouldn’t it be great to serve those that have served us so well (see what I did there?) with a way to get a restaurant website up and running in a minimal amount of time? The kernel at […]

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